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Strategically located in Nova Scotia, IMC brings over 150 years of manufacturing experience to projects across the globe!

Located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia I Matheson & Company (IMC) Limited has been in continuous operation since the confederation of Canada and has been exporting its manufactured industrial products since it was established in 1867. Like many other Nova Scotia companies during the turn of the Century, IMC began as a ship builder and in fact has the distinction of producing the first steel sailing ship built in Canada the James William in 1908. Over the years IMC has evolved to become predominately a designer and manufacturer of Pressure Vessels & other industrial equipement used in many different industries and continues to supply the regional, national and international markets with a variety of metal fabricated products.

While operating a business on the east coast of Canada can be at times a challenge for some companies, IMC has been able to capitalize on having the port of Halifax so close when dealing with customers around the world. IMC has been able to use its geography as an advantage rather than a disadvantage and has learned that once customers are aware of its location in North America, the logistics of getting products to them is not at all difficult. With access to a well developed, local industrial base complementry services such as machining & hydraulic design are available to ensure we can meet the most demanding requirements for our clients projects.

For more information about IMC or to discuss how we can assist on your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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